Uber and Lyft’s long wait for a rebound in demand signals slow economic recovery

Andreas Milano

By Tina Bellon and Akanksha Rana

(Reuters) – With the pandemic still suppressing ridesharing demand, Wall Street is keen to know how soon Uber Technologies Inc and Lyft Inc expect a rebound and how they plan to keep costs under control until then.

Investors are also hoping for more insight on Uber’s successful food delivery operations and Lyft’s efforts to set up a delivery business when the companies report fourth-quarter results this week.

Analysts generally do not expect ride-hail demand to rebound before the second half of 2021, when more people have been vaccinated and offices and businesses have reopened,

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Antifa.com now redirects to the White House’s website. This doesn’t mean anything.

Andreas Milano

Hours after Joe Biden’s inauguration, conservative personalities are rehashing an old disinformation campaign surrounding the antifa.com website.

If you go to antifa.com right now, you’ll find that the URL now takes you to the White House’s official .gov website.

Does this mean that the Biden administration owns the domain name “antifa.com?” Or is an official antifa entity showcasing their support for the new Democratic administration? No.

It doesn’t likely mean anything, since anyone who owns any domain name can redirect it to any website. A domain name owner does not need any sort of affiliation, connection, or permission from a

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Local SEO in Perth by Digital Marketing and SEO Specialists Perth Digital Edge for Businesses Across Niches and Sizes – Press Release

Andreas Milano

Local SEO is the key to addressing a buying audience in a local market. It delivers consistent sales at the best ROI as compared to other means of digital marketing. Perth Digital Edge provides effective local SEO services backed up by social media, Google adwords & content management.

According to Perth Digital Edge and Ben Tippett’s announcements, this established digital marketing agency is an expert local SEO in Perth that businesses have come to rely on. It has helped businesses in Western Australia establish a local presence, online and offline through digital marketing. 

With Perth Digital Edge, clients are assured

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US drops suit against Calif. net neutrality rule, but ISPs are still fighting it

Andreas Milano

Getty Images | Rafe Swan

The Biden administration has abandoned a Trump-era lawsuit that sought to block California’s net neutrality law. In a court filing today, the US Department of Justice said it “hereby gives notice of its voluntary dismissal of this case.” Shortly after, the court announced that the case is “dismissed in its entirety” and “all pending motions in this action are denied as moot.”

The case began when Trump’s DOJ sued California in September 2018 in US District Court for the Eastern District of California, trying to block a state net neutrality law similar to the US

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Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Investment Supports Energy Waste, Some Critics Say

Andreas Milano

Seemingly everything Elon Musk does makes headlines, and the release of his company’s annual business report on Monday was no exception. Among other findings in the report was the significant reveal that Tesla purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. While this information has caused stocks for the cryptocurrency to soar, it has also raised the ire of people concerned with energy conservation, who are pointing to studies that show the tremendous amount of energy that’s used by Bitcoin.

A visual representation of the digital cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.
Dan Kitwood/Getty

Soon after news broke of the report, which also states that Tesla

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NYC Covid-19 Vaccine Website Is a Mess

Andreas Milano
Illustration for article titled NYCs Covid-19 Vaccine Website Is a Mess as Eligibility Opens to Seniors

Photo: Kena Betancur (Getty Images)

As New York City expands the pool of citizens who are eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine to seniors and frontline workers, Comptroller Scott Stringer is warning that the online signup system for appointments is unnecessarily complicated and could lead to delays in the vaccination process.

People laughed when the CIA launched a hip new redesign of its website last week but a quick visit to the NYC Health department’s website will have you begging for the clean navigation that our nation’s spies enjoy. Like most government websites, there’s a lot of

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