now redirects to the White House’s website. This doesn’t mean anything.

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Hours after Joe Biden’s inauguration, conservative personalities are rehashing an old disinformation campaign surrounding the website.

If you go to right now, you’ll find that the URL now takes you to the White House’s official .gov website.

Does this mean that the Biden administration owns the domain name “” Or is an official antifa entity showcasing their support for the new Democratic administration? No.

It doesn’t likely mean anything, since anyone who owns any domain name can redirect it to any website. A domain name owner does not need any sort of affiliation, connection, or permission from a

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NYC Covid-19 Vaccine Website Is a Mess

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As New York City expands the pool of citizens who are eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccine to seniors and frontline workers, Comptroller Scott Stringer is warning that the online signup system for appointments is unnecessarily complicated and could lead to delays in the vaccination process.

People laughed when the CIA launched a hip new redesign of its website last week but a quick visit to the NYC Health department’s website will have you begging for the clean navigation that our nation’s spies enjoy. Like most government websites, there’s a lot of

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Oklahoma Man Creates Website To Notify Residents Of Available Vaccine Appointments

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As COVID-19 vaccine appointments continue to fill up quickly across the state, one local resident is making it a little easier for people. 

He created a website which will alert you once an appointment becomes available.

Josh Wright said it all started when he was constantly refreshing the Oklahoma vaccine website each day trying to book an appointment for his father-in-law.

“We were kind of watching it for a few days and recognized the challenge of it,” said Wright.

With a background in software development, he decided to build a system that would help him keep track of the appointments.

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Debt consolidation help: Website offer free resources

Benz Seo is a website that’s helping to ease some of those burdens by offering free resources online during the pandemic.

HOUSTON — Whether you’re behind on paying rent or can’t afford to buy food, during the pandemic, so many families and businesses have been hit hard with financial hardship and are struggling to make ends meet. is a website that’s helping to ease some of those burdens by offering free resources online.

Among those who’ve benefited from the website, 73-year-old Sandra Schieber.

Up until two years ago, Schieber says she’s always taken pride in paying her bills on time.

Read More redirects to White House website as trolls needle Biden

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If you point your browser to, you won’t find black-outfitted protesters challenging racists and far-right extremists in a tense face-off. Instead, the URL will take you to President Joe Biden’s spiffy new White House website, which was recently redone to include accessibility features and a hidden message to coders.

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White House

Don’t let the apparent connection between the antifascist movement and the newly sworn-in president alarm or outrage you. The redirect is simply a reflection of how the open web can work. Anyone with a few bucks can register an internet address, set up

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The CIA has a slick new website. But where is the great graphic design for COVID-19?

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If you’re the federal government agency that has inspired films such as “The Bourne Identity” and “Mission: Impossible,” you don’t want a website that looks as if it wears khakis and a navy sport coat to work. This may explain why the Central Intelligence Agency announced Monday morning that it had traded its old site design (a bureaucratic harmony of blue and beige) in favor of a sleek new look.

Where once there was page after page of cluttered navigation bars and bundles of text, now visitors encounter an all-black background with bold white headlines: “We are the Nation’s First

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