From revenue generation to reputation and retention

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30-second summary:

  • SEO is without a doubt the most cost-effective channel for enterprises today.
  • SEO also adds incremental value in a number of different ways.
  • It helps maintain brand equity, helps inform product and sales.
  • SEO can also be used as a PR channel and vice-versa.
  • From consumer behavior trends to market and demand volatility, search behavior can provide the data businesses need to understand market drivers and pivot in real-time.
  • SEO adds value by providing a model for continuous digital improvement of the user (customer) online experience.

Those within the industry understand that the inclusion of SEO as part

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Selling Online? Here Are 4 Things You Need to Know About SEO.

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These days, startups live and die by the clicks they get. If your website isn’t optimized for search, customers won’t find you, much less buy from you. 

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But SEO, much like the internet it runs on, is constantly evolving. Keeping up with all the new rules, strategies and best practices can be a job in itself. If you’re not in a position to hire an SEO expert, follow these expert tips to boost your position in the rankings.


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1. Realize that SEO is about more than just keywords

While SEO does focus on

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Reasons Why Lee Seo Jin And Lee Joo Young’s New Drama “Times” Was Given Its Title

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Lee Seo Jin and Lee Joo Young’s upcoming drama is gradually revealing itself!

OCN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Times” is a “time-warp” political mystery drama featuring Lee Seo Jin as Lee Jin Woo and Lee Joo Young as Seo Jung In. While Lee Jin Woo is a journalist living in 2015, Seo Jung In is the daughter of South Korean president Seo Gi Tae (Kim Young Chul) living in 2020. The story develops after the two are connected over the phone.

With a month left until the premiere, details about the drama are being shared one by one.

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Embedded Videos Have Same SEO Value as Uploaded Content

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Google’s John Mueller says there’s no difference, when it comes to SEO, between embedded videos and videos natively uploaded to a website.

This topic came up more than once during the Google Search Central SEO office-hours on January 29.

Saidul Hoque, SEO Manager at RealClicks, started by asking a series of questions about video SEO. One of those questions involves Google’s perception of embedded content versus self-hosted content.

Hoque asks: “Is there any difference between embedding and uploading a video from an SEO point of view?”

Mueller’s answer is clear and straightforward, but clashes with more commonly held beliefs around

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This Is Not Your Father’s SEO

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Google’s been telling us for a while that they’re looking at the user experience as an ever-increasing metric for search ranking and it’s looking like this is the year that they’re going to make that happen.

Last year Google announced that a user’s experience on your website will be included in their ranking algorithm signals. In other words, how well your website’s pages rank in Google’s search engine will depend, in part, on the user experience (UX) on your site.

At first, this may seem like a very subjective metric. How in the world can Google measure a visitor’s experience,

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2021 SEO Trends Every Business Owner Should Consider

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Gary Vela is a Peruvian-born American entrepreneur and CEO at Web Daytona, a Florida-based digital marketing agency founded in 2009.

As a business owner, search engine optimization plays a vital role in attracting consumers to your website. SEO can help grow your website’s online visibility on the search engine results page, thus bringing more organic traffic to your website. 

As the world of technology is always evolving, so is SEO. And it can get pretty competitive, especially if you’re a business owner. Let’s take a look at the value of SEO plus some of the trends that we

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