Missouri House committee to hear August testimony from Google and from rural internet providers

Benz Seo

Representatives from tech giant Google will testify next month before Missouri lawmakers in Jefferson City about broadband development in Missouri.

State Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) speaks on the Missouri House floor in Jefferson City on March 9, 2020 (file photo courtesy of Tim Bommel at House Communications)

Google representatives will travel from California to testify before the Missouri House Special Interim Committee on Broadband Development on August 16. That’s a Monday. Macon-based Chariton Valley and Smithton-based Wisper Internet representatives will also testify, along with Kansas City.

The committee is chaired by State Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal), who announced at the

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New 10-year telecoms plan prioritizes broadband districts, private partnerships

Benz Seo
Utility worker unwinds cable from large spool
Contractors for Consolidated Communications install fiber optic broadband internet cables on utility poles in Montpelier on April 5, 2021. Photo by Mike Dougherty/VTDigger

The state’s new 10-year telecommunications plan recommends that Vermont’s array of local broadband districts partner with established internet companies — and it favors fiber over other internet technology.

The nearly 400-page plan, adopted June 30 by the Department of Public Service, lays out a road map for the state to achieve its statutory goals of providing universal, high-speed internet and improved phone service.

Communications union districts — municipal bodies formed to offer broadband to member towns

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Broadband Internet Bill Too High? Here’s How You Can Fix That.

Benz Seo

Kim Cadena was shocked at the internet bill that arrived on July 21: The price jumped from $50 to $81 a month, for the same 100-megabit-per-second plan. Mx. Cadena (who uses the gender-neutral honorific), has been a Comcast Xfinity customer for two years. The service started with a promotional $30-a-month rate, then increased to $50 the second year. Now, it’s gone up again.

Mx. Cadena, a housing analyst in Alexandria, Va., is waiting on the city’s fiber network, which isn’t expected to be completed for another four years. Until then, Mx. Cadena has a choice of two providers, Comcast

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Knoxville Utilities Board, KUB, broadband service: Answering questions

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Last month Knoxville City Council gave Knoxville Utilities Board final approval to build a fifth utility, adding broadband internet to their portfolio of electricity, water, sewage and gas. 

On Thursday night, Knox News reporter Vincent Gabrielle caught up with Ryan Wilusz, Knox News urban life writer, to talk about what people can expect as KUB expands their new service. 

The conversation, which can be viewed on the Knox News Instagram (@knoxvillephoto) was part of KnoxTalks, a live chat series with Knox News reporters on subjects about which readers have burning questions. 

Here’s what Gabrielle and Wilusz talked about.

When will

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Snyder proposes legislation to fund high-speed internet | Local News

Benz Seo

A local legislator will introduce a measure to provide broadband access to all residents with funding from the American Rescue Plan.

On July 19, Rep. Pam Snyder, D-Jefferson, wrote in a memorandum in the state House of Representatives that reliable, high-speed internet has become more of a necessity that not all Pennsylvanians have.

“Affordable access to quality broadband internet is a necessity in our modern world,” Snyder said. “Yet, many rural areas and numerous urban communities across our Commonwealth have been left behind with lagging internet speed and poor broadband availability.”

The memorandum went on to state that without reliable

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Inexpensive Internet available to thousands in Erie

Benz Seo

Families of school-age children learned during the COVID-19 pandemic that fast, reliable Internet service has become a necessity.

Too many students couldn’t access their online classes because of sluggish Internet speeds. Some school districts created Wi-fi fi zones outside of their school buildings, while others distributed cellular hot spots to families.

As northwestern Pennsylvania prepares for the 2021-22 school year, and the Delta variant threatens to slow down the county’s emergence from the pandemic, there is a way for many families to receive inexpensive, fast Internet service.

David Bruce

The Spectrum Internet Assist program provides high-speed (30 mpbs) internet service for $17.99

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