Plan the best backyard movie nights ever with this on-sale projector

Andreas Milano

Make awesome memories this summer.



Since you’ve spent so much time in your house this year, you might have noticed how much of a luxury it is to have a television instead of just watching Netflix on your tiny computer screen. Or, better yet, maybe you were invited to some pretty sweet backyard socially-distanced movie nights. As summer draws nearer and nearer, and movie theaters remain closed, there’s one great way to bring the silver screen to just about anywhere you want.

Meet the Ultra HD 1080P

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Verizon announces Hyper Precise Location now available in 100+ U.S. markets

Andreas Milano

What you need to know:

  • The HPL SaaS offering can deliver GNSS correction data in real time at vast scale and low cost to developers and customers on 5G and 4G networks.

  • HPL supports open delivery standards and API integration with users’ own device management platforms.

  • Privacy protection is integral to the design and deployment of HPL. User location data is never stored or shared.

  • When paired with 5G Edge, HPL can work with emerging autonomous technologies such as Cellular Vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) communication. Verizon recently teamed with automakers to demonstrate HPL applications in vehicle-pedestrian safety scenarios.

  • More information about HPL

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OutThere Colorado gets national recognition with ‘best local website’ award

Andreas Milano

OutThere Colorado has received the ‘best local website’ award from the Local Media Association as part of their 2021 ‘Digital Innovation Awards’ presentation for the previous year.

Brands across the country were considered for the award, with OutThere Colorado competing in the ‘750,000 or more unique monthly visitors’ category.

Image Credit: Local Media Association

The award came after a year of strategically ramping up and expanding news coverage to provide more comprehensive content to the OutThere Colorado audience. Newsletter growth and performance was also a contributing factor (Sign-up here).

Current OutThere Colorado staff includes:

Spencer McKee – Director of Content

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RMV Studios Joins NAOSSOFT Web Hosting Family – Press Release

Andreas Milano

April 14, 2021 – NAOSSOFT is happy to announce that RMV Studios has been fully migrated onto the NAOSSOFT hosting server, and the RMV Studios website has switched its hosting services to NAOSSOFT Web Hosting.

About RMV Studios

RMV Entertainment and Studios is the best recording studio, audio, and entertainment company in the Midwest. Their mission is to facilitate artist development by providing all the essential tools to be successful in an incredibly fast-paced industry. RMV also specializes in live event promotion and support, which includes The Rich Musical Vibes Band, sound equipment rental, and audio technicians.

RMV has built

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AT&T home internet: All you need to know

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

AT&T is still one of the most familiar brand names in a world that is constantly expanding and evolving. As kids, we learned about Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone, and now our kids are essentially born holding phones. 

But AT&T isn’t just about home phones and mobile plans. It has a number of broadband options and has announced plans for further fiber expansion. Let’s explore the options available if you want to get online with AT&T right now.

What internet plans does AT&T offer?

AT&T currently offers three fiber internet plans, none of which come

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Do I need a stand mixer?

Should I buy a stand mixer?

Stand mixers are relatively heavy, semi-stationary pieces of kitchen equipment that are equipped with powerful motors. They’re designed to handle all kinds of mixing, kneading and whipping tasks, and the list only grows from there as you add more attachments.

If you’ve never owned a stand mixer before, you may be surprised at the sheer amount of tasks they can perform. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless, making them one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets to own. Common uses for a stand mixer include making whipped cream, kneading bread dough and mixing

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