AR contact lens wins CES’ Last Gadget Standing competition

Andreas Milano

The eyes really do tell all.

Or, at least a whole lot when using the world’s first augmented reality contact lenses.

The Mojo Vision Lens, which projects text, image and video information overlays onto your field of vision, captured the Last Gadget Standing prize Tuesday evening at CES 2021.

Its victory in the best new gadget competition was easy to see coming: Online votes tallied during a real-time livestream, rather than the traditional audience vote-by-applause, carried Mojo Vision to an overwhelming win at the virtual trade show.

Mojo Lens fits like a regular contact lens and uses motion sensor technology

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How digital networks and data help promote board diversity and bust the ‘pipeline problem’ myth

Andreas Milano
Charlotte Guyman.

In the last year, protests against racial inequality and the uneven effects of the coronavirus pandemic have thrust the lack of diversity at the top levels of business into the headlines. Now more than ever, customers, employees and investors are beginning to chastise companies that aren’t making an effort to introduce top-team diversity.

Most recently on Dec. 1 the tech-heavy Nasdaq filed a proposal with the Securities and Exchange Commission that would require companies to disclose their board’s diversity and to have at least two diverse directors. While the proposal remains unresolved, it was the latest high-profile sign

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All the new and old software updates in one place

Andreas Milano

Update: February 5, 2021 (12:50AM ET): The OnePlus Nord is now receiving its third Oxygen OS 11 beta update. Although it brings a shorter changelog than the previous beta build, we do see numerous tweaks to the system and camera. A couple of Ambient Display and Clock app bugs have also been squashed.

See the full changelog below.

  • System
    • Optimized UI display effects of work life balance
    • Fixed the issue that the dial icons overlap on the lock screen
    • Fixed the issue of white space in the notification bar in Dark mode
  • Camera
    • Fixed the issue that the camera
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Rev Up Your Marketing Strategy With Instagram’s Keyword Search

Andreas Milano

Pierre DeBois

Social media is increasingly a starting point for users online. So it should come as no surprise that searches on social media platforms have also increased.

With that in mind, Instagram has introduced a new variation on its search, which marketers should consider social media optimization, a complement to SEO.

Instagram Search By Keyword: The 3 Ways to Customer Nirvana

With Instagram search, the user speaks or types the query word in the search window on the app. Search was originally limited to profiles, hashtags and locations. With the introduction of keyword search last November, Instagram expanded

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On the Capitalist Internet, Even Celebs Join the Gig Economy

Andreas Milano

When I was very little, Neville Wanless wished me happy birthday on TV. Wanless was the gentle glue who held our regional station in northeastern England together, and although I remember him mostly as a blurry face with a voice like Charlie Brown’s teacher, a crisp few seconds of audio remain in the family archive, by which I mean that dusty box of cassette tapes that must be somewhere. The year is 1983. My parents are in the middle of buying a new home, staying in a down-at-heel rental my mother always referred to as “the grot house.” A flash

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YSL’s lipstick pod gadget will create whatever shade you want

Andreas Milano

L’Oreal debuted a gadget at CES last year that promised to make lipstick shades in whatever color wearers wanted. This year, we’re learning what that device requires to work at home: lipstick pods.

The Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Rouge Sur Mesure Powered by Perso — yes, that really is the name — takes three different lipstick color pods and squirts their liquid out at the top of the device for wearers to mix. (The pods dispense the YSL Beauty Velvet Cream Matte Finish formula.) When combined, they create the desired shade. The top of the Bluetooth-enabled device doubles as a

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