Web Development Technologies That Every Developer Should Know

Andreas Milano

Web development is a behind-the-scenes process that makes a website look elegant, work superfast, and perform exceptionally well.

If you get excited when you see many beautiful websites and want to try your hand at designing them, then it can be your forte.

Creating a website that attracts many visitors requires knowledge of different programming languages and expertise in DevTools, data formats, testing, APIs, authentication, and other related concepts.

Creating a User Friendly Website

Listed below are a few essentials you must know on your journey to becoming a professional web developer:


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three most important building blocks

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Student loan forgiveness for $10,000 or $50,000? What to know right now

Andreas Milano

The gift of student loan debt forgiveness may be coming.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Money is arriving from the March stimulus law through stimulus checks of up to $1,400 per person, $300 supplemental unemployment checks, new health care savings and the child tax credit that’s poised to bring families thousands of dollars (calculate your total here). The next target could be forgiving student loans.

Student loan debt in the US is at $1.71 trillion, which makes it second in consumer debt behind home mortgages. There have been calls from lawmakers to forgive some, if not all, the debt

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Mayor & CFO Hosting Community Hour on American Rescue Plan’s Implication on City of Framingham

Andreas Milano

FRAMINGHAM – The Mayor and the City of Framingham’s Chief Financial Officer will hold a community hour on Wednesday, April 14 at 5 p.m. on “Continuing the Dialogue about the American Rescue Plan and What Implications it Has for Framingham.”

Mayor Yvonne M. Spicer and CFO Mary Ellen Kelley will continue the discussion about the American Rescue Plan and what implications the plan has for Framingham.

Attendees will be able to pose questions during the hour via Zoom’s Chat function.

If you cannot attend and have questions, please email [email protected]  with the subject line: April 14 Community Hour.

Please click

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Campbell County hears fiber broadband expansion plan, updates on B2X Wireless | Govt. and Politics

Andreas Milano

Taylor walked the board through several potential fiber build-outs, from an $80 million scenario that encompassed the entirety of the county over 1,597 miles, to a $55 million build-out that excluded the most high-density areas — Timberlake, and the towns of Altavista and Brookneal.

One potential scenario involved building only 196 miles of fiber to create the “backbone” connecting all of the county service areas — from Naruna, to Red House Road, to Concord, through the outskirts of Lynchburg, to Wards Road and Lynch Station. This option, with a price tag of about $9.6 million, would pass about 1,500 homes,

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FoodMarble Review: This Gadget Can Gauge What’s Giving You Gas

Andreas Milano

Gassy? Bloated? Suffering from painful indigestion? Treating gastro trouble with pills and Pepto is easy. Figuring out why you’re having stomach problems, that’s a more difficult calculus.

FoodMarble is a new technology-app combo that’s designed to help you get to the bottom of what ails your intestinal tract—but even with this gizmo, it’s still a long, gurgling road to get there.

The centerpiece of the product is the FoodMarble Aire, a Bluetooth-enabled, pocket-size, rechargeable “digestive breath tester,” which works a lot like a breathalyzer, measuring fermentation levels in your GI system. (The device has been the subject of clinical research

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The New Standard for Wayfinding: Three Technology Features Improving the Visitor Experience

Andreas Milano

Much has changed in the past year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. AV/IT managers, systems integrators, and facilities managers alike face a heavy set of expectations as they navigate new opportunities and challenges in supporting the return to normal across enterprise, higher education, retail, healthcare, and other industries. Typical building operations that managers had planned for are now accompanied with new public safety initiatives, and from accommodating the ever-adapting COVID-19 safety regulations to ensuring peace of mind and safety for building occupants, there are many new logistical considerations to be met. Nevertheless, there are also prospects for new

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